Bu’s House Compost Tea for Houseplants


Is a 100% organic liquid food source for all indoor houseplants. It is phenomenal for
stimulating root growth and mitigating transplant shock! It has billions of microbes in
addition to all of the major and minor nutrients and trace minerals. If you drench (water)
with Bu’s House it will transform all of your plants to be vital, healthy and happy.
• 4 single-use teabags; each teabag makes up to 5 gallons of tea for your plants (20
gallons per package)
• Enhances beneficial microbial activity on plants and in soil
• Improves plant resistance to disease and pests
• Locally crafted & hand-packed.
• Certified organic and Biodynamic
• Chock full of microbial activity for all your plants. They will LOVE it, and even better,
love YOU for it! Contains all the biodynamic preparations and specially crafted by
hand to bring the best out of all your plants.


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4.25 × 2.5 × 10.5 in


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