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Hand-Crafted, Farm-Fresh Written By: Malibu Compost May 15, 2015

At Malibu Compost, we’re hands-on at every step of our process!

Our hand-crafted, artisan, Biodynamic compost begins on the farm where our cows munch on over 1000 acres of organic pasture. Manure is stacked into windrows and gently turned to ensure pathogen reduction and homogeneity. Biodynamic preparations #502-507 are carefully buried in the piles and left to inoculate, then biodynamic preparation #508 is sprayed onto the outer pile as a inoculant “sheath”.  Finished compost is screened to 3/8ths of an inch and a special biodynamic barrel compost is hand-sprayed onto the finished material and the compost is loaded into trucks to be bagged and then make the trip to your local retailer!

Our biodynamic compost teas receive additional special sprays and treatments, are screened by hand, then hand-packed and garden-ready direct from our “tea-house” in the bay area!

Check out our video here:

Malibu Compost at the IGC! Written By: July 10, 2013

Stop by booth 1700!

Malibu Compost in Sunset Magazine Written By: Lauren May 28, 2013

The June issue of Sunset Magazine features 100 reasons to love the west NOW.

Coming in at #56: Artisanal Compost from Malibu Compost.

“Made in small batches … ” and “crumbly texture, like chocolate cake …” Bu’s Blend is Sunset test garden APPROVED! What an honor!

Get your copy on newsstands now—or check out the online version here!