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California Expected to Lose 100 Dairy Farms Written by Lauren Limbert

Our conventional dairy system has been a cow’s nightmare for decades (just ask Bu), now we’re seeing the devastating consequences for all those involved: farmer suicides, grain company-held mortgages, large-scale cow slaughter.  Tragic consequences of a broken system.

While we are proud our compost helps to support organic dairies trying to make it work sustainably & humanely, we are saddened by what we are now witnessing after decades of conventional dairy production. It’s time for a change.

From the San Franciso Chronicle:
Article by Stacy Finz

The nation’s drought and high corn prices are devastating California’s $8 billion dairy industry to the point where farmers can’t afford to feed their cows - and their professional trade organization has been regularly referring despondent dairymen to suicide hotlines.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Calif-expected-to-lose-100-dairy-farms-3946897.php#ixzz29PutQwMb

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