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Thank You Letter: Soil Web Workshop Written by Anu Singh

Dear Denise ,

I had a chance to try your Malibu compost recently during the Soil Web workshop conducted at M.A. center, San Ramon.  We analysed it and found it of impeccably pure quality, with the perfect balance of nutrients and live organisms fit to enrich our soil for our fruit orchards, vegetable and rose garden.

We have started brewing compost tea from your compost as well,  to spray on the fruit and rose bushes, and are eagerly waiting to see the results. We will be able to scientifically observe the beneficial effect of your compost and tea, and i would like to send you photographic proof of that soon.

I admire all the work and effort you are pouring into this most primal and essential cause of enriching our planet’s depleted soil, as well as rallying for the sacred mission to save the cow in order to save this planet.  The world needs more people with your sense of commitment, dedication and truth of values so we can return to the basic agrarian, land based sustainable culture and restore compassion and peace on this earth.

More power and blessings to you.  Thank you.

Anu Singh