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Testimonial: The Lime Tree Written by Sherry

Last spring I purchased a bag of Bu’s blend to try on my lime tree.

The poor thing had been sitting in the ground (which I had prepared well with compost prior to planting) for 2 years and it was looking worse and worse. I applied the blend and in 3 days….nothing! (I expect things to happen NOW).

However, as the weeks passed the tree started to turn a deeper green and actually start to look lush. It is now October and I just took a good look at it. It’s about 4 times the size and actually has two large limes on it! The first ones! The tips of the leaves look a little curly so I am going to get more Bu’s to work into the soil and I will spray it with the tea. I will do this tomorrow, Thursday, and I expect to be harvesting enough limes for Margaritas by Monday.

Thanks for all you are doing!