Testimonial by Judy Pearce Written by

A big fan and customer of Malibu Compost, Judy Pearce comments on her new garden and how much she loves Malibu Compost and Garden Gossip. She writes:

“Here’s the planting of a tangerine tree in honor of my grandson’s birth. Baby Liam’s placenta went in, some dirt, then the tree. In the hole prep. we used at least 2/3 of a bag of Malibu Compost (maybe more). One photo shows Liam with his parents, Sara and Bryce Killen. The other is of Bryce, Liam and our dear friend, Verne, who helped me with the hole; it had to be very deep so we could line it with wire (gophers). Putting the placinta in with a tree is an international cultural tradition. There are different reasons, I like the New Zealand one that says it shows the relationship of humans to earth. Also, the Hawaiians believe the placenta is part of the child, they plant with a tree to watch the child and tree grow up together. Love our Malibu Compost, it’s all around the yard!! Glad you are on Garden Gossip, my favorite program.”