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One Cow, One Man, One Planet Written by Malibu Compost

Our very own Denise Ritchie will be hosting a fantastic event centered around a screening of the film, One Cow, One Man, One Planet. The event, taking place Friday, July 29th at 7:30 PM at Center of The Heart in Santa Barbara, will also be benefiting Backyard Bounty, a program run by the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.

Here’s more details about the film and event:

One Cow, One Man, One Planet

With special guest speakers and co-sponsors:
Denise Ritchie from Malibu Compost; Patty Pagaling , the Executive Director of Transition to Organics, and Doug Hagensen, Program Manager of Backyard Bounty.   

Peter Proctor is New Zealand’s father of biodynamic agriculture. This film is his journey in India.  One man, a bucket of cow dung and the agricultural revolution, that may just save the world.  Will the future of agriculture in India determine our future?  One Man, One Cow, One Planet – garden like there’s no tomorrow

What does an environmentally friendly biodynamic food system capable of feeding everyone actually look like? One Man, One Cow is a blueprint for a post-industrial future, taking you into the heart of the world’s most important renaissance.  The outcome of the battle for agricultural control in India may just dictate the future of the earth.                             

Why YOU should see this film

Modern industrial agriculture is destroying the earth:

Desertification, water scarcity, toxic cocktails of agricultural chemicals pervading our food chains, ocean ecosystem collapse, soil erosion and massive loss of soil fertility.  Our ecosystems ore overwhelmed. Humanity’s increasing demands are exceeding the Earth’s carrying capacity.  Modern agriculture causes topsoil to be eroded at 3 million tons per hour. (that’s 26 billion tons a year)  Human mass is replacing biomass and other species. The carrying capacity of the earth is almost spent.  To maintain our comfort zone lifestyles we will soon need five earths to sustain us in the style to which we have become accustomed.  The mantra of free trade has failed the world’s poor.  There is a better way.

A simple recipe to save the world?  One old man and a bucket of cow-dung.  Are you crazy? Biodynamic agriculture may be the only answer we have left.

One night only: Friday July 29th

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm —  $10 donation
A percentage of the proceeds will go to Backyard Bounty

Center of the Heart
487 N. Turnpike Rd, Santa Barbara   805-964-4861
Up the street from the Wake Center