Biodynamics: Tuning In to the Heartbeat of the Soil Written by Nancy Oster

What Exactly Is Biodynamics?

Introduced to biodynamics during a tour at Oscar Carmona’s Healing Grounds Nursery, I’d learned enough from Oscar to want to dig a little deeper. Oscar told us, “Biodynamics is about place—your backyard as a window to the broader cosmos. A farmer must be a great observer. There are no books written about your own backyard. You have to learn where the shadows fall at any time of year, feel the temperature changes and recognize changes in your soil.”

Oscar attributed this holistic approach to Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian spiritualist, philosopher and scientist who gave a series of lectures on agriculture to a group of German farmers in 1924. The farmers were seeing a decline in the health and quality of their crops. Steiner warned the farmers about the destructive effect of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and advocated a step back to a time when farmers aligned their farming practices more closely with the rhythms of the earth and the movement of the sun, moon, and planets. These lectures became the foundation for biodynamic farming.

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