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Bu & the Malibu Compost Herd Written By: Bu April 22, 2015

Sharing some of the latest shots of Bu and her crew Baby Bu, Bu Bu, and the adorable Honey Bu on their home turf!

Meet the newest addition to our family: Baby Bu’s™ Biodynamic® Blend Potting Soil Written By: Bu April 08, 2013

Baby Bu bursts with premium materials specially blended with Bu’s Blend™ Biodynamic® Compost to Support plant & soil life in your raised beds, pots, container gardens, hanging baskets, and houseplants.

Baby Bu’s™ Biodynamic® Blend Potting Soil:

      - Contains no GMOs, pesticides, sewage sludge, growth hormones, or synthetic chemicals
      - Acts as an alternative to chemical, synthetic, and “faux” soil amendments
      - Aids in the proliferation of beneficial soil microbes
      - Is ideal for seeds, seedlings, & transplants
      - Saves water through proper moisture absorption at the surface and dissipation at the root levels
      - Is safe and non-toxic for your kids, your pets, and our planet.

Baby Bu is currently available at select retail partners in an easy-to-spot 1.5 cubic foot baby blue bag. Want your own?  Tell your local nursery you want the Baby! Or drop us a line at 1.800.BU.COMPOST or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Product Preview: Get Ready for a Tea Party! Written By: Bu March 04, 2013

Available online & in stores this spring: two new compost teas to complement our original Bu’s Brew & help your precious plants thrive!

Bu’s Buds Biodynamic Compost Rose Tea is specially formulated to bring the best out of your roses! We’ve added worm castings to provide additional microbial diversity, kelp to help feed these microbes, and an extra dose of Preparation 504 (Stinging Nettle). Stinging Nettle bears a relationship to Sulfur (S), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), and Iron (Fe). It stimulates soil health and provides plants with these necessary nutritional components.

Bu’s Best Biodynamic Compost Tomato Tea has been formulated to maximize the vitality of those jewels of the summer garden: tomatoes.  As with Bu’s Buds, we’ve added worm castings to provide additional microbial diversity and kelp to help feed these microbes.  We also added Preparation 508 (equisetum). Equisetum has a high silica content and helps to reduce the effects of excessive moisture in the environment and around the plant (such as fungus development).

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news (including when you can get your hands on a bag of our new brews!).

Facebook: /malibucompost

Twitter: @SurfingCow