Malibu Compost Gardening Tips

Fall is the last blush of life. A fire of color before leaves fall, crops die down, roses stop blooming… the world we see before our eyes prepares for sleep.

Fall is all about the soil. It’s the bridge between summer & winter. The earth is now beginning to turn into itself and will continue this until sometime in mid winter. Activity below the earth will increase while life above the soil will decrease.

Preparing your land to rest: Put a top dressing of Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost up to 1 inch, work it gently into the soil. If you’re attempting to heal really hard, impenetrable soil or soil that has been treated chemically then you will need to open the soil up… add the compost & water it thoroughly.

Use Bu’s Blend now to maintain healthy top soil, create healthy sub-soil and help suppress fungus, disease and insects in the spring. Healthy soil means happy, beautiful gardens!

Fall is a special time of the year: There is much more moon influence and less sun influence. This is why growth on the top of the soil begins to slow down or die out but beneath the surface life begins to amp up.

Fall is the time to build our soil. It’s the time of year to support the creation of structured soil…one that healthy roots can penetrate. Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost feeds the roots which helps develop the “feeder hair roots” ... the little guys who will work all winter penetrating along the sub-soil. In addition, Bu’s Blend contains micro-organisms that work in synergistic rhythms with the soil micro-organisms to produce necessary humus for plant growth in the spring.

Trees, lawns, hedges all permanent residential and commercial landscapes…Use Bu’s Blend to feed the roots of your plants by spreading onto the soil then using water to activate the soil organisms and build muscle for the hairy little feeder roots.

Protect your property from erosion by using Bu’s Blend in the fall. If your top soil already has plants in it, apply the compost now to feed the roots giving them the nutrition they need to be strong enough to hold your soil together during all kinds of hostile weather.

Just because you are not a farmer doesn’t mean your soil won’t benefit by planting a cover crop…cover crops for the home gardener are particularly helpful for flower gardens, food gardens or empty spaces. Use Bu’s Blend then plant a cover crop of peas, beans or a vetch mix and watch for earthworms who will come to life and surface as your soil structure improves.

Fall Explained:

The art of biodynamic agriculture is to develop a synergistic dynamic between the terrestrial forces of the earth and the celestial forces of the “heavens.” The beginning of fall in biodynamics is marked by the Michaelmas Festival at the end of September. Steiner indicates that this is the time when the elementals (nature spirits) return to the earth from the “heavens” to begin the new cycle of a celestial/terrestrial synergistic dance.