Bu the Cow

The Scoop on Our Poop

Dairy cow manure endows the earth with powerful fertilizing and healing forces that chicken manure, steer manure, horse manure, and bat guano simply don’t have. Why? Because a dairy cow has an unequaled digestive process which is enhanced by cosmic-life giving forces in her hooves and horns that enable the nitrogen in her manure to re-kindle life within the earth.

Our products are certified biodynamic by Demeter® USA, the American chapter of the world’s only certifier of Biodynamic® farms and products. Demeter’s strict standards ensure crops are grown with the avoidance of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, utilize compost and cover crops, and set aside 10% of the total farm acreage for biodiversity. In order for our product to bear the Demeter logo, it must be made with certified Biodynamic ingredients and meet strict processing standards to ensure the purest possible product. These standards ensure the dairy cows that provide the manure that is the basis for our compost receive no genetically-modified feed and have access to the outdoors. Further, we ensure our farms grow at least one third of their cows’ diet on the property, make efforts to reduce pathogens, and make minimal turns on the compost, thereby enhancing compost fertility.

All of our Biodynamic blends contain ingredients of the highest quality and integrity. We find the best source for each ingredient, ensure the highest level of sustainability, and never ever ever use any fillers or fluff. We test all our products and carefully craft each batch of compost, potting soil, and compost tea to enliven and enrich your garden!

As a result of all this earthly and cosmic care, Malibu Compost products:

  1. Contain no GMOs, pesticides, sewage sludge, growth hormones, or synthetic chemicals
  2. Act as an alternative to chemical, synthetic, and “faux” organic soil amendments
  3. Repair your soil’s ecosystem through the proliferation of beneficial soil microbes
  4. Improve all soil types
  5. Improve your plants’ immune systems, reducing the need for pest controls
  6. Saves water through proper moisture absorption at the surface and dissipation at the root levels
  7. Promote healthy root growth
  8. Are safe & non-toxic for your kids, your pets, our planet and all living things
  9. Heal your soil and Heal your soul
Malibu Compost Bag