Demeter® USA is the only certification agent for Biodynamic® farms, processors and products in the United States. Demeter’s mission is to improve the health of the planet and its people by providing certification of products whose ingredients are grown and processed according to the highest agricultural and environmental standards.

Malibu Compost - What the Bleep is Biodynamic

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What the Bleep is Biodynamic?

Malibu Compost - What the Bleep is Biodynamic

Biodynamic farming has been in existence since the early 1920’s as a response to industrialization’s destructive effect on the earth and subsequent crops failures. Biodynamics comprises an ecological and sustainable system that respects all creation. Its goal is to create a self-perpetuating ecosystem.

In fact, Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamics is the grandfather of the whole organic movement. While organic agriculture rightly aims to halt the devastation caused by humans, it has no cure for the ailing earth. Biodynamic agriculture provides the cure by treating the soil as a living organism rather than a support system. And, like any living organism, the better the food it consumes, the stronger and healthier it becomes. What does all of this mean? Malibu Compost contains one of the best kept secrets ever!

Malibu Compost - What the Bleep is Biodynamic

“Biodynamic agriculture…is necessary not only for the sake of somehow improving agriculture, but so that human life on earth can continue at all, since as physical beings we depend on what the earth provides.”

-Rudolf Steiner

Compost is the cornerstone of soil care in Biodynamic Agriculture.  We make our compost according to traditional Biodynamic practices. The dairy cows providing the manure that is the basis for our compost receive no genetically-modified feed and spend time roaming the pastures. Further, we ensure our farms grow at least one third of their cows’ diet on the property, make efforts to reduce pathogens, and make minimal turns on the compost, thereby enhancing compost fertility.

We also add homeopathic Biodynamic preparations to every batch of compost, which enhance our compost’s microbial biodiversity and nutritive capacity.  These preparations are made from yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion, and valerian and each has specific relationships to major and micro nutrients within the compost and ultimately, in your plants.