350 PPM is what many scientists, climate experts, world leaders and their governments are saying is the safe upper limit for co2 in our atmosphere. Until 200 years ago the world was at 275 PPM. Currently, we are at 390 PPM and climbing at 2 PPM per year.

What can we do? We can stop taking carbon from the earth and releasing it into the atmosphere. We need to use energy sources that are renewable like wind and solar, as well as change the way we manage our forests, manufacture our goods and grow our food.

That’s where biodynamics comes in. Biodynamic farming was started by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. It is the grandfather of organic farming. Biodynamic farming is the starting point for how Malibu Compost is reducing its carbon footprint. We believe that we all need to do our part in trying to heal our planet.

Editable School

Here's some of the ways we are trying to make things better.

  • truck finished product only 300 miles or less
  • truck raw materials less than 200 miles
  • recycle manure that would end up in landfill
  • use recycled pallets
  • uce recycled cardboard pallet sheets
  • use recycled plastic shrink wrap
  • use recycled paper and soy inks
  • plant trees to offset carbon emissions associated with use of plastics
  • use plastic in bags that is curbside recyclable
  • use electronic and paperless media whenever possible
  • promote grass and pasture fed dairy practices
  • promote non-toxic gardening and farming practices
  • promote and support other sustainable individuals and businesses
  • donate money to fund sustainable non-profit organizations
  • support local lawn and garden stores
  • support biodynamic and organic farming practices