Our Planet

The Power of Choice By Randy Ritchie

We have reached an interesting time on our planet. In December 2009, World leaders met in Copenhagen to decide our fate. Each country lobbying and vying for their share of the climate change funding and arguing over the ways in which they will or will not be monitored. Isn’t it sad that there must be a global summit to beg one another to do the right thing?

At what point in time do we become neighbors, friends…allies, who for the common good of all who inhabit the earth, pull together and unite to change the things that are hurting us? As a race, we have made incredible strides since the industrial revolution. Some of our accomplishments have been awesome while others are absolutely appalling. This is where the power of choice comes in.

Do we turn a blind eye to failing economies, climates, human or animal rights? Or, do we suck it up and face the fact that we have reached a turning point, a critical mass, where we can choose to either change course or perish. The success of the “greed model” is over. We can ride it into the sunset or we can lay down the swords of money, power and ego and open up the possibilities of a world that many of us have only dreamed of. It is our choice. Do we love? Do we care? Do we respect each other? Do we treat animals as beings and not things? It is our choice.

We can only hope that our leaders are asking these same questions of themselves as they make decisions that will affect all of us. They too hold the power of choice. May they make the right one.

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